Strong, bold and brave, nothing compares to this design. No one messes with a BUFFALO. We created powerful DNA to make your pool last forever. Moreover, this pool is easy to move and can therefore move with you if necessary. He will follow you wherever you go.


We gave our pools the tough and rough look of a steel container, but if you would like to have a different coating, finish or appearance – let your mind run wild. Wood, stone or any other surface is possible. No one else knows your territory like you do, so adept THE BUFFALO to your surroundings. However, THE BUFFALO is always made of strong and everlasting steel.

While most of our BUFFALO’s live above ground, some of them like to lay below the surface. So if you would like an in-ground BUFFALO pool, please feel free to contact us to discuss the options.


The heart of THE BUFFALO, which will give the pool its power, lays beneath the jacuzzi area. This technical room controls the temperature, cleaning process,  color LED light and more. Our  long-life heat pump is very efficient when transferring heat from the air to the swimming pool water. The powerful performance to heat up this amount of water will surprise you. The filter and UV disinfection system will take care of cleaning the water.

BUFFALO’s live in nature. So that is what’s inspire our company. We like products provided by nature. That is why we love crystal clear water without the usage of a lot of chemical products.


With a size of 6 x 2.5 meter and a depth of 140cm of water it is bigger than you’ll expect. You and your kids will also love this design because of its on-ground safety (they don’t fell in by mistake). And because the jacuzzi area is shallower, they can rest when they need to.

Be a boss and own that BUFFALO!